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      Careers for Professionals

      • Careers for ProfessionalsWorking place:Recruiting Numbers:1

        Biocentury is a full scaled seed company with activities from international business, R&D (plant biotech and breeding), seed production and processing, marketing & sales, human resource management, legal, finance, public relationship, and general administration. The company has created an optimal environment and working conditions for experienced professionals to perform and thrive on their respective positions. In addition, the company provides excellent learning conditions, such as on-line courses and on job training, to help professionals improve themselves.


        Apart from competitive and attractive salary, Biocentury also provide 5 insurances (pension, medical, job loss, injury and child birth), housing fund, annual health checkup, subsidized food and accommodation, and yearly organized recreation activities.


        For job opportunities, please contact:

        Tel: +86-755-83423050, ext 851

        Fax: +86-755-83415228

        Email: hrbiot@126.com


        Company Name:Genesis Seed Industry Co., Ltd.




        Company Address:Futian District, Shenzhen, No. 2017 Xinzhou Road, 4th Floor (518048)

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