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      Biocentury at a Glance

      Biocentury was established in 1998 to promote Bt cotton technologies in China. With more than 350 dedicated FTEs, Biocentury is focusing primarily on plant biotechnology, crop breeding, and commercialization of seed products of cotton, maize, rice, wheat, canola and vegetable seeds, as well as horticulture products. Biocentury has laboratories with first-class equipments and facilities, breeding stations across different ecological conditions, well managed field seed production bases, advanced seed processing machinery and plants, seed quality control centers with updated technologies, marketing and sales centers in major crop planting regions, and nation-wide crop management networks in China and overseas markets.


      Along with our business development and international expansion strategies, Biocentury Group has established subsidiary companies such as Biocentury Pakistan Ptd. Ltd., Biocentury Transgene (Kortla) Co. Ltd., Keping Huilong Cotton (Aksu) Co. Ltd., Biocentury Horticulture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., and Biocentury Eco-agriculture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. In addition, Biocentury has established joint venture companies like Focome Seed (Henan) Co. Ltd. and BioRice (Hunan) Co. Ltd. 

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